Cooler Warmer Beauty Fridge


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Internal size: 14*13*21cm/5.5 *5.12 *8.27 inches


1.Special care for your cosmetics.

With a desktop refrigerator, you can provide your skin care products a closed environment with appropriate temperature, no humidity, no UV irradiation, no frost, no dust and no bacteria.

2.Ultra-large space.

With a double-deck design and a side space, its volume is large enough to hold all your cosmetics. Note: the partition can be removed so that it can accommodate something with larger size.

3. Quiet operation.

DC brushless motor is used to operate the refrigerator without causing noticeable noise. With a sound of only 40 dB, it can be placed in your bedroom and accompany you to a sound sleep.


1. open and close the refrigerator door quickly to preserve its inner cool air.

2.Do not put the cosmetic in it immediately after plugging in. Instead, wait until it cools down the inner temperature.

3.cosmetic should be placed in order rather than tightly packed together, as the former helps the cool air to circulate better in the refrigerator.

4. if you intend not to use the refrigerator for a long time, disconnect the power plug and remove its contents. It is best to clean it regularly to avoid pollution.

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